Frequently Asked Questions

The best spot to place your wireless router is somewhere central in your home or business.
Wicommfi product comes along with 30 days replacement warranty. But there will be no replacement for hardware issue.
The products which are purchased from Wicommfi official website or Wicommfi store are eligible for return.
No, it is not necessary to use your computer for the setup process of wicommfi products. You can use your Smartphone, tablet or iPad as well.
It is important to update the firmware time-to-time as it improves the device’s overall performance.
If you wireless signal doesn’t reach far enough then you can install a Wicommfi extender in your home network. Wicommfi extender is placed away from your router and deliver signal to hard-to-reach places.
You can initiate a return process on our process. If your product is eligible for return.
  • Connect a computer to the Wicommfi Extender using WiFi or Ethernet and launch a web browser.
  • Visit http://
  • It will ask you for your username and password which is username – admin and password – admin
  • Now you are logged in and good to go.
No, it is not difficult to configure Wicommfi repeater. You can configure the Wicommfi extender using WPS option or using the OQ code option.
Use WPA2 Security type to secure your wicommfi network.

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