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WicommFi solutions is one of the most reliable and fast-growing providers of network computing and security solutions. Wireless Networking is growing rapidly all across the world. In our service and product research, we realized a great need of quality wireless networking solutions. Since then, we as WicommFi solutions have been providing networking solutions to the hardware products like- routers, extenders, printers, networking cables etc. To be more precise, our hardware solutions include all peripherals, desktop or laptops, and other devices. WicommFi can provide any type of networking and hardware solution to remotely access your network while you are on the go.

WicommFi provides a complete router solution which includes installation, monitoring, and management of the product. Failure of a router may cause a complete loss of connectivity and accessibility to your online/remote resources. Therefore, WicommFi can assist you by providing a fully managed router solution for your WAN. WicommFi solutions can assist you by giving you the right solution, as well as configure and supply routers to meet your requirements.

WicommFi also offers the broadest range of reliable extender solutions. A wireless extender gives you the ability to extend your network. We offer fully managed extender solutions for our customers. We can assist you by giving the right solution as well as configure your extenders.

WicommFi solutions have been working closely with the printers to deliver superior quality solutions and services for any printer. The immense knowledge in print processes-runs very deep- and we can access you by giving the right solutions to solve any kind of printer related problem.

Apart from this, Wicommfi solutions also offer web-security to protect your system from unwanted threats. We provide web security like- Avast, Webroot, and AVG to protect you against hackers who try to hack into your computer to steal your personal info. These securities help you to keep all your online activity protected against all kind of potential threats.

With the years of experience, we’ll ensure you the best possible solutions. To provide the greatest insight into your true security risks, we use our technical knowledge along with years of experience.

We are the best team to cope with any task!

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